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These dynamic modules are aimed at clinicians who work with adolescents to strengthen the quality of our approaches and interactions. Timely Topics are rich in strategies and resources, and they blend vignettes from youth and subject matter experts with salient research and practice-based activities. Contact us to discuss how we can support you and your training needs.

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timely topics

Exposure to Bullying

What are best practices around screening for exposure to bullying, and how should providers handle positive screens? This module incorporates the latest research, video vignettes from youth, and recommendations from subject matter expert Dr. Ellen Selkie, to help clinicians support adolescent patients who experience bullying.

Addressing Adolescent Marijuana Use in Brief Clinical Encounters

As attitudes about marijuana use continue to shift within the public landscape, it is critical for health care professionals to stay up to date on best practices for screening and brief intervention. This module invites participants to examine their own values around adolescent marijuana use, and to hear the latest from youth about how they use, why they use, and how they want to be communicated with. Subject matter expert Dr. Joanna Quigley shares highlights from the latest research, along with recommendations about screening, brief intervention, treatment options, and confidentiality with minors.


Trauma-Informed Care with Adolescent Patients

Providers have the potential to create health care experiences that are comforting and reassuring to adolescents who’ve experienced trauma. They also have the potential to re-traumatize. This Timely Topics module provides a brief outline of the impacts of trauma on adolescents, and shares strategies for practicing trauma-responsive care in a primary care setting.

Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care (Exclusively For Arizona Providers)

A rapid increase in virtual care due to COVID-19 has drastically changed how providers interact with their patients. Adolescents and young adults need a unique approach to virtual care as they transition to more independent care while grappling with issues such as confidentiality, privacy, and trust in their health care provider. This 45-minute module follows a virtual visit from start to finish, focusing on key elements of adolescent-centered. This module was made possible with the support of the Arizona Family Health Partnership, our subject matter experts, and adolescent collaborators and is exclusively intended for Arizona providers.

New non-state specific module coming soon!


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