Youth Empowerment

Why it matters

Empowering Youth in Health Care

Empowering youth to actively participate in their health care leads to more preventive visits and lifelong engagement in the health system. Health centers can implement programs and practices to develop adolescents into knowledgeable and engaged health care consumers. Additionally, health centers can improve their adolescent health services by listening to the values and opinions of the young people they serve. Take a look at the following resources for ideas on how to empower youth in a health care setting.


Youth-Friendly Materials

Youth empowerment can be impacted through programming, visual cues, and one-on-one conversations with patients. AHI offers resources on all three! AHI is creating a poster and handouts for parents and teens on Taking Charge of Your Health Care. Check back soon for these resources!


Manual to establish and sustain a Youth Advisory Council. Contact us to receive a free printed copy!


Poster serving as a visual cue to welcome teen patients. Contact us to request a free printed copy.


Hear directly from teens about how you can improve their health care experience.

Teen Self-Advocacy: How To Be Your Own Health Care Advocate
Share ways teens can advocate for themselves to get the quality health care they deserve.

We Can Help!

Are you interested in empowering youth to be savvy health care consumers? Would you like to learn strategies to get authentic youth feedback on your adolescent services? We can help!