Sexual Health

Why it matters

Effective Counseling and Services

Discussing sexuality and sexual activity with young people can be challenging and research shows that health care providers struggle to adequately address this sensitive topic with their adolescent patients. Effective sexual health counseling and services have a positive impact on the physical and emotional well-being of adolescents.


Spark Trainings

Sparks are pre-packaged, free to use, and include a PowerPoint presentation, a facilitator script, and follow-up materials.


Strengths-Based Approaches to Adolescent Sexual Health

Consider how staff and providers can create a climate where adolescents are more likely to discuss their sexual health openly and honestly.

Starter Guides

Starter Guides are mini-toolkits that offer concrete, actionable steps to improve adolescent care.

Chlamydia Screening
Chlamydia Screening
Adolescent Vaccinations and Human Pappillomavirus (HPV)
Adolescent Vaccinations and Human Pappillomavirus (HPV)

Youth-Friendly Materials


Sample health rights for teens poster to display in exam and waiting rooms. Contact us for a poster specific to your state!


Infographic highlighting the importance of adolescent risk screening and suggest work flows for implementation.


Webinars & Trainings

Our skilled facilitators offer interactive trainings and presentations to promote youth-friendly care. We can tailor these educational experiences to meet your organization’s needs. We currently have a training available on Risk Screening in a Clinical Setting.

We Can Help!

Is your practice interested in learning more about providing sexual health services to adolescents? We help health centers across the country become more adolescent-centered. Learn more about working with us!