Parent Engagement

Why it matters

Involvement in Adolescent Care

Parent/Guardian involvement is an important component of healthy behaviors and positive health outcomes for adolescents. Adolescents who don’t have this support are more vulnerable to engaging in risky behaviors and experiencing poor health. Parents/Guardians play a key role in helping adolescents navigate health care systems, establish healthy behaviors, and, as they get older, and become empowered health care consumers. While adolescents value their parents’/guardians’ involvement in their health care, they also express a desire to have private conversations with their health care providers. Health care providers must balance parent engagement with adolescent confidentiality.


Youth-Friendly Materials

An adolescent’s teen years are an excellent time to set them up for a healthy future. Our “Take Charge of your Health Care” poster and accompanying teen and parent handouts provide suggestions to guide teens into becoming more involved in their own health care.

Take Charge of Your Health Poster, 2016

Poster to guide youth as they take more ownership over their health care. Accompanying teen and parent handouts available. Contact us to request a free printed copy.

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