Youth-Friendly Materials

 Many health centers lack visual cues to ensure adolescent patients feel welcomed. Browse our gallery of free materials to display in your clinic.


Infographic highlighting the importance of adolescent risk screening and suggest work flows for implementation.


Poster to guide youth as they take more ownership over their health care. Accompanying teen and parent handouts available.


Poster serving as a visual cue to welcome teen patients. Contact us to request a free printed copy.


Poster serving as a visual cue to welcome teen patients in Spanish. Contact us to request a free printed copy.


Sample confidentiality poster to display in exam and waiting rooms. Accompanying teen and parent handouts available.


Manual to establish and sustain a Youth Advisory Council. Contact us to receive a free printed copy!


Our Starter Guides are mini-toolkits that offer concrete, actionable steps to improve adolescent care. Browse our library of free Starter Guides below!

Looking for health education materials for your adolescent patients? Check out these online sources: